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This is a community-driven source of information for the mobile game, PES Manager/PES Collection, by Konami. PES Manager/PES Collection is a simple football management and team development simulation. The game is available for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store. This wikia has no affiliation with Konami other than being fans of the game.

Title screen

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The game was released to Android/iOS on 20 May 2014.

NOTICE: Konami have announced [[1]] on 27 March 2018 the game will end on 22 May 2018, and users can no longer login into the game after that date. All events have been ended on 27 March 2018, apart from the League Match, Skill Match, Challenge Match, Friendly Match and Upgrade Match. Buying of Energy Balls also have been suspended from that date.

This wiki now serves as a memorial and legacy of the game. RIP PESC 2014-2018.

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PES Manager/PES Collection Gameplay Edit

Special Events Edit

  • "Cat Raffle"
  • ATTACK the Frog
  • Training Camp
  • World Tour Challenge
  • Battle Challenge
  • Stamp Collector
  • Crown Collector
  • Tower of PES
  • PES Blast! Campaign
  • Elly's Request / Morata's Request
  • Rising Star
  • Union Battle: Galaxy Cup

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